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The Hero Behind DaBo, BoBo!

In 2013, MeshYoga founder Michelle Lou Lan was living in New York City with her beloved dog BoBo.

One night, Michelle was practicing yoga at home and began to struggle while attempting a handstand. BoBo, who’s a huge Labrador Retriever, was sleeping nearby when he sensed that Michelle was about to fall. Instead of letting her land on the floor, BoBo moved into her path and caught her with his broad back. Much to Michelle’s surprise, his height and size blended seamlessly with her yoga practice.

From that moment on, BoBo always brought his compassionate, gentle presence to Michelle’s yoga practice, just in case she needed his support. Michelle loved seeing him come over and lie down whenever she rolled out her mat, and their shared yoga sessions brought them even closer together.

Michelle was inspired by the feeling of support she received from BoBo’s faithfulness, sturdiness, and steadfastness, so much so that she wanted to share that support with her Meshes. DaBo was created to replicate the stability Michelle experienced from practicing yoga with BoBo, and its unique design was modeled after how BoBo’s body was the perfect size to aid Michelle in her practice. In fact, DaBo is named after BoBo, in honor of Michelle’s endless love for him, and our hope is that DaBo becomes your faithful yoga companion, guiding you in precise practice and alignment and giving you the confidence to expand and deepen your time on the mat.

Is Born

Every step taken by MeshYoga over the years has served to simplify its core and make it easier to understand. The culmination of that progress is DaBo, a yoga-based fitness tool that empowers students to explore their practice privately. Take a closer look at the anatomy of DaBo