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Once you get to know the thoughtfully designed slots on DaBo, they will start challenging you. After all, if your form is incorrect, you won’t be able to reach them. You cannot cheat! This is how DaBo intuitively brings out your body’s natural alignment.

Starting Out
Starting Out Use the stripes and slots to reset your alignment. Even when you're resting, you won't lose it.
Advanced You can grip DaBo for stability when you're trying to go deeper into a complex pose.
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy The height of DaBo aligns with your shin, so it's precise enough to support your rehabilitation.
Strengthening Once you lock yourself into position, you can do as many repetitions as you want.

Limitations of Group Yoga Classes

One instructor, many students An in-person yoga instructor has many students to focus on, and even experienced instructors don’t always have time to give everyone the attention they deserve, especially beginners.
Watching classmates can lead to bad habits When confused about what to do, beginner level students sometimes have a tendency to mimic what other students are doing. This can be unsafe or create bad form habits that will be hard to break later.
Not individualized to your needs Even though many classes have areas of focus and instruction for different levels, they still aren’t designed to be individualized for our bodies’ needs, muscle groups or skill levels on different poses.
Many distractions from your growth and practice It’s human nature to desire community, and it’s human nature to observe our surroundings. Sometimes it can be easy to get distracted and focus on other students or the surrounding environment, which can result in temptation to judge ourselves or think about other students watching us instead of focusing on our own growth and self practice.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Home With DaBo

Build your alignment with 24/7 access to instructors There’s no need to worry if you’re in the wrong alignment because DaBo was designed to help you safely find proper alignment and strengthen your body. Whether using the phone app or your home TV, the carefully curated group of DaBo instructors will teach you a new way to practice at home and are available 24/7.
A safe space for you to grow in your practice The moment our practice becomes private, we gain a secret little place in our universe where our practice becomes honest and vulnerable. This creates space for us to focus and work on our weaknesses, because the fear of judgement from others falls away.
DaBo - Your new yoga BFF You might be practicing by yourself, but you're not really alone. DaBo will be with you anytime and anywhere to support you through your practice, making it fun and safe. You will be able to practice at your own pace whenever and wherever you want with DaBo.
Keep it in the family when you share DaBo You don’t have to share your mat or DaBo with anyone else, but practicing with DaBo can be fun and meaningful for the whole family. Encouraging each other to use DaBo together will create intimacy and closeness at home.

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Included with your DaBo purchase is 1 year free of the DaBo Online Studio. In the studio, you will learn how to use DaBo to guide you into alignment.

Practice with Michelle Lou Lan and many more expert yoga instructors, fitness trainers, and physical therapists whenever and wherever you want.

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Alignment is a natural form that already exists in each individual. By achieving alignment within our physical bodies in yoga, our inner world becomes more clear and aligned.

To bring you back into alignment is the core of MeshYoga.

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