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Beginners and casual practitioners:

Group classes might be easy to follow, but they usually aren’t personalized. If you struggle with your balance or other areas of your practice, DaBo can help you eliminate the traditional learning curve and achieve correct alignment from the very beginning of your yoga journey. You’ll come back to class empowered with a better understanding of your body and a strong foundation for the basic poses.

Advanced yogis and athletes:

Practicing with DaBo is like having a trainer or yoga instructor help you go really deep in each session. Whether you’re looking for a core workout or a good stretch after hitting the gym, Michelle designed each sequence to stretch different parts of your body depending on your skill level—including advanced students. You’ll find that you’re constantly challenging yourself with DaBo.

People recovering from injuries:

In 2018, Michelle faced two hip surgeries that required a lengthy rehabilitation period. Throughout the recovery process, she used her personal experience to refine DaBo as a stabilizing tool to help people feel safe while exercising. Today, DaBo is here to support you so that you can strive to reach new limits without fear of further injury.

Anyone on a fitness journey:

DaBo allows you to control your own pace and make the most of your free moments, whether you’re at home or in your office. Setting aside even 10 minutes of your time each day can make a difference. Being creative in your workouts is easy when the possibilities with DaBo are nearly endless, thanks to his strategic and thoughtful design.

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