Michelle Lou Lan is the founder of MeshYoga and the
inventor of DaBo, a yoga-based fitness tool. She originally
began her career in dance, debuting as a professional
ballerina at only 8 years old.

However, following a serious back injury in 2006,
Michelle's dance career was cut short, which changed her
life trajectory and guided her to a new passion: yoga.


Michelle's story

MeshYoga is the culmination of Michelle’s extensive experience
and knowledge - in essence, it’s her expression and personal
interpretation of yoga.

Thanks to her curious spirit, Michelle has cultured herself by traveling around the world and diving into many different styles
of yoga over the last two decades, from Iyengar to Ashtanga and
more. She is deeply inspired by the Ashtanga master Richard
Freeman and was fortunate enough to study for years in
Shanghai with Duncan Wong, creator of the Yogic Arts system,
among others.

Her Current Journey

Today, Michelle is based in Los Angeles, having taught in
Shanghai and New York City and opened a yoga studio in Maui,
Hawaii. Now, she’s busy designing her clothing line and refining
her latest creation, DaBo.

If you’ve met Michelle, you’ll know that she never settles for
anything but the best - Michelle is 100% dedicated to her students
when she’s teaching. At her core, Michelle is happiest giving to
the people she loves, including her Meshes.

She appreciates connecting with people in a deeper, meaningful
way through discussions on yoga, philosophy, and other topics.
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