Our Story

"Separate, then connect"

MeshYoga was born over 10 years ago to a girl with a clear vision.

Founder Michelle Lou Lan chose this name for her fledgling company as homage to herself—to friends and family, she’s “Mish”—and the interconnectedness of yoga and life in general. Although MeshYoga has refined and redefined itself over the years, the name has never changed. The same goes for MeshYoga’s unique layer-by-layer approach to breaking down poses.


Though people come to MeshYoga to master the fundamentals and improve their practice, everyone continues to learn over the course of a lifetime—even the best yoga instructors can still be students.

One of the most important things you can learn is alignment, which is the core of MeshYoga today. Alignment is a natural form that already exists in each individual. But things like work stress and everyday emotions can make us lose sight of alignment by allowing bad habits, such as unnatural postures, take over. Overall, yoga is meant to return us to our original form.

However, alignment is also a lifestyle to MeshYoga. Many people believe that alignment comes from within and projects onto their practice, but it’s actually the opposite.


By achieving alignment with your physical body in yoga, your inner world becomes more aligned and precise as well—which is ultimately what MeshYoga is all about.


Every step taken by MeshYoga over the years has served to simplify its core and make it easier to understand.

The culmination of that progress is DaBo, a yoga-based fitness tool that empowers students to explore their practice privately.