Meet DaBo

Simple Yet Ingenious

Once you get to know the thoughtfully designed slots on DaBo, they will start challenging you. After all, if your form is incorrect, you won’t be able to reach them. You cannot cheat! This is how DaBo intuitively brings out your body’s natural alignment.

Alignment is precise, and so is DaBo. He comes in three different sizes depending on the length of your shin, and he’s strong enough to hold the weight of an elephant. DaBo is solid and reliable—he’ll become your best friend, standing loyally by your side throughout your life journey.

Made With Consciousness

DaBo is handcrafted by skilled furniture specialists and made from ethically sourced materials, such as natural fabrics, water-based stains, and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. All organic materials were repurposed or fairly traded, or have the proper documentation. Even our vendors are Fair Trade Certified. We’re proud to support the livelihood of our craftspeople by providing livable wages and health insurance.

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Why ?

Limitations of yoga classes:

  • Getting enough individual attention from your instructor can a challenge.
  • You could be copying an incorrect form from other students and creating unsafe habits of your own.
  • The class isn’t personalized. There could be a specific muscle group or body part that you want to work on, but you might only get five breaths to do it.

Benefits of practicing at home:

  • When your practice becomes private, you gain a secret little place in your universe that’s honest and vulnerable. Your self-consciousness and fear of judgment fall away.
  • You won’t want to just show off the techniques you’re good at—you’ll want to work on your weaknesses as well.
  • You can go at your own pace, whether it’s focusing on one particular pose or taking more time because you’re recovering from an injury.

The Inspiration

MeshYoga founder Michelle Lou Lan began realizing the limitations of group classes in 2013. At the time, she was starting out in New York City and living alone with her beloved dog BoBo. Michelle was practicing yoga at home one night when she suffered a fall while trying to do a handstand.

Have you ever seen those pet videos of dogs hanging out around their owners while they practice yoga? BoBo, who’s a huge Labrador retriever, was sleeping when he sensed that Michelle was struggling. Instead of letting her fall ungracefully on the floor, BoBo moved into her path and caught her with his broad back.

From then on, BoBo knew to stand near Michelle when she was practicing yoga, just in case she needed his support. Michelle loved seeing him come over and lay down whenever she rolled out her mat, and their shared yoga sessions brought them even closer together.

BoBo’s faithfulness and quiet, sturdy presence inspired Michelle to replicate what he had done to deepen her practice at home—and that’s how the idea behind DaBo was born. DaBo is named after BoBo, in honor of Michelle’s endless love for him.