A beautiful piece of furniture

In my personal life, I spend a lot of precious alone time using “DaBo” at home. I practice yoga on it, I meditate on it, I answer emails on it, I dance on it... and guess what? I also customized “DaBo” in my favorite nude pink color to match my romantic spirit. Of course, you’ll also have the option to customize “DaBo” to fit your aesthetic, but just keep in mind that patience is a virtue. ;-)

Michelle Lou Lan

Beautiful Furniture

“DaBo” was created to be a part of your life, your home and your health, not to be hidden in a closet or just sitting in a gym, though it looks beautiful there too. “DaBo” is designed to be displayed in an ever present beautiful part of your home or office, so it’s ready for any moment whether its a quick stretch, a brief wellness break or a longer practice or workout.

Wellness Breaks

While an office environment isn’t conducive to longer workouts. MeshYoga has designed a series of 5-15 minute wellness breaks that keep mindfulness, as well as body strength and flexibility top of mind. And no, there is no sweating involved :) 

The more our minds and bodies are present, conscious and in tune with ourselves the more valuable and healthy our lives become.

Made with Love

“DaBo” is handcrafted by skilled furniture specialists and made from ethically sourced materials, such as natural fabrics, water-based stains, and Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood. All organic materials were repurposed or fairly traded, or have the proper documentation. Even our vendors are Fair Trade Certified. We support the livelihood of our craftspeople by providing livable wages and health insurance.