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Become a certified Yoga Alliance and MeshYoga instructor.

Follow Your Dreams

Michelle Lou Lan, the creator of “DaBo” x MeshYoga, is providing an exclusive opportunity to become a certified Yoga Alliance and “DaBo” x MeshYoga instructor through an intensive 200-hour course. Students who successfully complete the course will become Yoga Alliance-certified and earn the opportunity to represent “DaBo” x MeshYoga as an instructor.

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Yoga Instructors: Individual

  • Become an instructor in the MeshYoga Network.  
  • Start your own MeshYoga classes in your city
  • Learn how MeshYoga can support you with “DaBo” special pricing
  • Learn how you can earn additional money supporting the growth of “DaBo” as an affiliate

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Yoga Studios
& Gyms

  • Start offering “DaBo” x MeshYoga Classes
  • We offer group teacher training
  • Special pricing on “DaBo” 
  • Become a member of the MeshYoga Network
  • Become a “DaBo” retailer

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