Copy of MeshYoga

Separate, Then Connect

Based on the classic Ashtanga style, MeshYoga is a lifestyle, an evolving modality of yoga, that thru “DaBo” x MeshYoga utilizes the new proprietary fitness equipment, “DaBo,” to help people achieve alignment and take their practice to the next level. Alignment is the key to any productive yoga practice, but it can also be applied to your lifestyle to support a healthy mind and body. To empower Meshes to live with consciousness on their wellness journey, founder Michelle Lou Lan created “DaBo” with the original MeshYoga philosophy in mind: Separate each pose into its fundamental components, then connect each movement to attain correct alignment.

Students of MeshYoga learn how to practice yoga with a step-by-step approach, which breaks down poses so that they’re not only easy to understand and attainable, but also safe and effective. “DaBo” x MeshYoga workshops are limited to 10 students per class to maximize the amount of attention that each individual receives from the instructor, which larger yoga classes typically don’t allow for.

Although “DaBo” started out in MeshYoga workshops, students are meant to take their practice private by using “DaBo” on their own schedules in the comfort and quiet of their homes, guided by online videos from MeshYoga Studio. This is possible because Michelle’s innovative, thoughtful design involves strategically placed cutout handles and stripes that help correct your posture by keeping you grounded in the right position – no teacher necessary. As a result, students are empowered to discover and interpret the true essence of yoga for themselves.

MeshYoga Studio with “DaBo” x MeshYoga home practice sessions will be available in many different lengths and accessible anywhere via computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. Subscription video service is slated to launch in late 2019. 


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