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How It Works

“DaBo” is boxy but unique, and simple yet ingenious. It has many carefully designed slots, and once you get to know them, these slots will start challenging you – after all, you won’t be able to reach them if your alignment is incorrect. ;-) “DaBo” is comfortable to relax on, but it will remind you to devote time to your practice every day. “DaBo” is solid and dependable; it will become your best friend, standing loyally by your side throughout your yoga, mind and body journey.

When you take “DaBo” x MeshYoga classes through our online studio, MeshYoga Studio, you’ll learn how to flow from one pose to the next and develop muscle memory for correct alignment. When you’re not practicing with “DaBo,” you can display it as a beautiful piece of furniture in your sweet home or office. “



Yoga At Home

Safe Space

“DaBo” was created to help students bring their practice home, because ultimately your practice should be private. Why? Well, when our practice becomes private, we gain a secret little place in our universe that is honest and vulnerable. The more we learn about ourselves, the more seriously we’ll take our yoga practice.

“DaBo” brings out your body’s natural alignment.

There’s nothing more important than alignment when it comes to yoga. After all, a lack of proper alignment is a huge reason why many people get injured or stop improving in their practice. Alignment may feel like something that needs to be taught, but it’s actually a natural form that already lives inside of us. Think of it as an energy line. If the line is straight, the energy flows freely right through it, but if it’s bent or mixed up, the energy struggles to progress and may get stuck.

MeshYoga’s philosophy has always been to break down each yoga pose by separating it into individual components, and then connecting it all back together with a step-by-step approach. Through this method, students are able to understand the true purpose behind each pose, which naturally leads to safer alignment.

“DaBo” was thoughtfully designed and extensively tested with this knowledge and intuition in mind. If your alignment is incorrect, you won’t even be able to reach the slots on “DaBo,” compelling you to sit tall and keep your back straight. You cannot cheat! With improvement over time, you’ll gradually deepen your practice and be able to reach the more advanced slots. “DaBo” is strong enough to hold an elephant, so it can keep you safe no matter how far you go in your yoga journey.

MeshYoga Studio

MeshYoga offers a dynamic library of online practice sessions lasting 5, 10, 15  20, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour plus depending on how much time you have.

MeshYoga Studio


It’s suitable for beginners, advanced practitioners, and even people with injuries.


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“DaBo” also comes in three different sizes, based on the length of your shin.

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