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Yoga classes in general, can be challenging, as students don’t receive enough attention whether it’s a beginner trying to learn or an intermediate trying to grow.  Students often follow other students bad habits, and can often feel judged themselves. You might enjoy the group energy and think you’ve made progress because you sweated a lot in class. However, even if you’re doing something wrong, you’ll sweat if you practice hard enough. You might be repeating the wrong pose every time and creating those bad habits – that’s why it can be difficult to feel significant improvement. 

And ultimately your practice should be private. Why? Well, when our practice becomes private, we gain a secret little place in our universe that is honest and vulnerable. The more we learn about ourselves, the more seriously we’ll take our yoga. You won’t want to just practice the things you’re good at; you’ll want to work on your weaknesses as well. 

But how do you know if your alignment is right or wrong when you’re practicing by yourself at home?  Meet DaBo… 

In 2013, after I started realizing these limitations of group classes, I was practicing yoga at home one night when I fell while trying to do a handstand. For context, my beloved dog BoBo was still young and curious about what I was doing back then – he liked to hang around. So when I accidentally fell backward, BoBo did something amazing. He actually caught me! Because he’s so big, my feet landed on his head. After that, every time I couldn’t find my balance while trying to achieve a yoga pose, BoBo stood there for me to put my hands on him. He was instrumental in helping me find my alignment when I practiced yoga at home. 

Finally, a lightbulb moment came one evening when I saw BoBo standing faithfully to my right and a pink IKEA box sitting to my left. I felt inspired to create something that replicated what BoBo had done to deepen my yoga practice. That’s how I designed “DaBo,” a one-of-a-kind yoga chair that people can rely on – just like how they trust their own dogs.

Of course, “DaBo” is named after my beloved BoBo. My endless love for him is the core behind “DaBo” x MeshYoga. It inspires me to keep creating awesome things for my Meshes, and I hope it can inspire you in your daily practice as well.


Michelle Lou Lan

Meet "DaBo"