Created by Michelle Lou Lan, MeshYoga is a practice grounded in alignment and expression. Through a unique, step-by-step approach, MeshYoga guides its students toward perfect alignment and the realization of their full potential. The classes blend styles and techniques from various disciplines—including Pilates and Chinese martial arts—and strip every pose down to its fundamentals.

MeshYoga has two core principles:

Separate. Through a clinical understanding of the human body, instructors break down each yoga pose to its fundamental movements. Students achieve optimal performance by engaging individual muscles and relieving the joints.

Connect. After mastering the separate components, students learn to rebuild each pose on their own terms to fully experience the intended benefits of yoga.

MeshYoga classes are designed for practitioners of all levels. The only requirement is to approach each class with an open mind.


MeshYoga Standard Sizing Chart

Size Dress size Natural waist Hip Inseam BUST
XS 0-2 24-25.5” 34-35.5” 31.5” 32-34”
S 2-4 26-27.5” 36-37.5” 32” 34-36”
M 4-6 28-29.5” 38-39.5” 32.5” 36-38”
L 6-8 30-32” 40-42” 32.5” 38-40”