MeshYoga is a new modality of yoga based on the classic Ashtanga yoga but adds the element of the "DaBo" yoga chair to help practitioners stay in alignment and go deeper into their poses and practice - targeting specific body parts. It was developed to be used during MeshYoga classes but also so the practitioner can take their practice private and be done in the comfort and quiet of their own home on their own schedule.

MeshYoga classes are limited to 10 students per class to keep the instructors focus on helping the students focus on their practice with individual attention which typical larger yoga classes don’t allow for. Being in alignment is the key to any yoga practice and promotes a healthy body and mind.

Classes are 75 minutes, while home practice will be available in many different practice lengths. MeshYoga classes are available in Los Angeles, and the "DaBo" yoga chair will be on sale on, with subscription VOD coming later in 2019 on the MeshYoga app.


MeshYoga Standard Sizing Chart

Size Dress size Natural waist Hip Inseam BUST
XS 0-2 24-25.5” 34-35.5” 31.5” 32-34”
S 2-4 26-27.5” 36-37.5” 32” 34-36”
M 4-6 28-29.5” 38-39.5” 32.5” 36-38”
L 6-8 30-32” 40-42” 32.5” 38-40”